Company profile

Who we are ?

We are Shenzhen Suntop Industrial Co., Ltd which is a leading trading company that provides Vibrator, Silicone Dildo, Vibrating Masturbator etc. It is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-standard and customized intelligent products.

We provide our customers with competitive, safe, reliable, reasonable products, develop cooperation with ecological partners, continue to create value for our customers, and pursue more high-quality products and services.

What have we brought to everyone? 

Products that drive industry development.

Products made in China have been a long time from birth to formal commercial use. In response to the global market demand, we start from the root of the problem. Cooperating with partners promote the development of products: competitively, safety, stability, convenience four major directions; providing stable, safe, reliable and reasonable products for the market, and help people enjoy high quality life.

What do we insist on?

When Suntop people decided to step into the field of international business, our focus has always been on the main channel: how to choose the best product, how to make a real competitive product to the market, how to improve customers' buying experience, and how to pay more attention to safety. We persist in not taking shortcuts, rejecting opportunism, down-to-earth, and long-term investment; adhere to the customer-centric, long-term hard work, and live up to the historic opportunities generously given to us by the times, in order to build the highest quality products, we have never stop moving forward.

Why choose us?

Actually we have been international business for more than 10 years, and we have our own factories, so we can provide you the professional and prompt service. 

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